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Pearl House property


Rushan city is located in the Pearl Garden District, Rushan Qingshan Road West, South City road. The terrain slope is slow, near Rushan city center, convenient transportation, is one of the best areas in Rushan city. Quiet residential Tianshi, relatively independent environment, elegant design, advanced and perfect facilities, forming a set of living, consumption is one of the living coolie.
Pearl Garden District, Rushan City, the dialogue between people and nature, the living area of the real integration of the environment in Rushan;
People-oriented, pay attention to meet the comfort, safety, convenience, privacy and other aspects of the requirements, in particular, to provide high quality public communication space;
High starting point, high standard, high level, modernization, to achieve social benefits, environmental benefits and economic benefits of organic combination.

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Mob:18663161992   E-mail:info@pearlsilica.com
Add:240 Qingshan North Road, Rushan City, Weihai, Shandong Province

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